The Quest Summer Program provides students with a unique holiday learning experience by combining rigorous English studies with exciting activities where they can continue to improve their English skills and make friends from around the world.

Our goal is to make sure every student leaves the program with an experience that will last a lifetime. An experience that will teach them new skills, enable them to make new friends, discover new cultures and have a brilliant summer that will enrich their childhood and prepare them for adulthood.

We started our first summer adventure program back in 1998 with only 25 students. Today the program has expanded to over 400 students from all over the world. Despite the growth in numbers we still play close attention to each and every student's needs and do everything possible to ensure their safety and happiness.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada Summer campus and residence map
  • Classes: 3 hours (9:00 to 12:15) per day. 4 (9:00 to 1:30) hours optional
  • Accommodation: Residence or Homestay Meals: 2 or 3 meals per day. 10
  • Activities: 6 days per week, including one full day excursion per week. Activity free days are always during the week - never on the weekend
  • Duration: 2 to 6 weeks
  • Dates: June 28th to August 27th for homestay - to August 24nd for residence
  • Number of participants: 300 to 400 Age: 13 to 19 years of age
  • Arrival dates: We have specially designed our program to allow groups or individuals can arrive and depart on any day. This provides you with maximum flexibility in arranging flights.

What's included?

All inclusive - All fun.

Summer Program Facts

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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

-- Frank Smith --

English Studies

Classes take place at Ryerson Univerisity, Victoria building (284 Victoria Street - see location map) in the very heart of Toronto, just steps from the Eaton Centre. The building is modern, featuring large, bright classrooms all equipped with audio / visual equipment. Free wifi access is available tding

Classes are based on an interactive, communicative approach to language training that aims to fully engage students in the learning process and make learning an enjoyable experience.

We offer eleven levels of English from the beginner to the advanced levels. Every student is given a placement test that tests all language skills (oral, writing, speaking, listening) and placed appropriately.

All students are tested each Monday morning to ensure they have understood the material before moving on to anything new. Testing also provides students with feedback on their progress and helps them understand their strengths and weakness.

The most important part of our classes though is our teachers. Small classes (14 to 16 on average), led by professional, certified instructors, provide a comfortable environment in which to learn practical English. All our teachers are required to have a university degree, teaching certification and 2 years teaching experience. The majority of our summer program instructors are high school teachers who know from experience how to teach and interact effectively with teenagers. Because of this experience, the teachers also lead the students on their activities.

At the end of the program every student receives a Certificate of Studies and a detailed progress evaluation report indicating the level they have attained.

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

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Accommodation Homestay

Accommodaion in Homestay

Host families are carefully selected on the basis of their interest, background and the quality accommodation they can offer. All kinds of families are involved–and have agreed to provide the following:

  • Fully furnished and equipped (linens, towels) private room with a desk and lamp
  • Private or shared bath
  • Nutritious meals – 3 meals a day, continental breakfast, bag lunch and warm dinner
  • Accessible - (within 30-40 minutes of Quest)
  • Respect for Privacy
  • Access to telephone, television, laundry and other household amenities
  • English language support
  • Introduction into Canadian culture and family life

Host families play a very important role in the learning experience. They offer the security of a home base where you will live and build on your studies. The host family will not only welcome and introduce you to the Canadian experience, but, will assist you in fitting into the culture so that you get the most out of your experience.

Detailed information

We understand how important it is to have detailed information about accommodation and that is why Quest has invested heavily in systems that allow us to provide students and their families with every critical detail about the accommodation they will staying in - everything from pictures, to maps and contact information is provided. See sample family profile below.

  • To see live profile samples for individual profiles click here
  • To see live profiles samples for groups - click here.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met..

-- William Butler Yeats --

Accommodation Residence

Quest works with two summer residences, Ryerson International Learning Living Centre (ILLC, Ryerson University Residence) and 89 Chestnut (Toronto University Residence). Both residences are within walking distance - 5 minutes) of the building where classes are held - see location map tab for details.
Groups can be divided between homestay and residence accommodation.

Residence accommodation includes:

  • Double room
  • En suite bathroom
  • Linens and towels - fresh provided once week. Charge for extra cleaning and linens.
  • Room cleaning once per week
  • Common lounge areas
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Laundry - Coin operated machines paid for by students
  • Gender division by floors and rooms.
  • Meals - served in cafeteria (att Ryerson ILLC lunch is packed) buffet style.
  • 24 hour security
  • Internet access - extra charge for in room access

For detailed information about each residence, please click on the links below.

Click on residence names to view profiles
Chestnut Residence
University of Toronto
ILLC Residence
Ryerson University

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-- Scott Adams --

Fantastic Activities

The program includes a wide and exciting variety of activities designed to provide a truly Canadian experience and an opportunity to practice English conversational skills. All activities are included in the program fees.

Both the type and order of activities are specially selected to meet each group’s unique needs and to deliver the most satisfaction. The standard program includes an activity everyday (except one day during the week) including one full day excursion per weekend.

Specialized learning activities such as Tennis, Snow boarding and Sailing can also be arranged for groups and individuals.

Activity Details

  • Activity every day except one activity free day during the week. 
  • 1 fully day excursion per weekend.
  • Afternoon activities start at approximately 13:30
  • 40 percent of activities are evening activities
  • 30 percent of activities are all day activities
  • All activities are escorted by teachers
  • Dedicated activity coordinators (teachers) are assigned to every group.
  • Individual students are grouped together to form a group or can join another group.

Optional Trips

Exciting fully escorted optional trips are available at discounted prices for groups. Transportation is by luxury coach and accommodation in 3 or 4 star class hotels.

  • French Canada: 3 or 4 day trip to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Kingston 1000 Islands.
  • New York: 3 or 4 day trip to New York City.

The cost for optional trips starts at just $200.00 to $340.00

Activity Calendars:

Click on links below to view activities
2 Weeks Calendar 3 Weeks Calendar 4 Weeks Calendar

Transfers and First Day

All students are met on arrival at the airport by school representative carrying signs, in uniform (Quest T-Shirt) and with ID.

Prior to being delivered to their accommodation students are provided with a brief arrival orientation and provided with some essential documents. Students are advised when to arrive at the school on the following day and provided with:

  • transit system map
  • A free transit ticket good for one trip or their transit pass if one has been requested
  • Their accommodation address and profile - in case they have forgotten the one they received by email
  • A emergency contact card listing
  • The schools number
  • the 24 hour emergency number
  • Police and emergency Services Number
  • Their accommodations telephone number


On their first day at school, students staying in homestay accommodation will be escorted to the school by a family member who will explain the route to them, how to use the transit system and how to get back home. Students staying in residence will met by a school representative who will escort them to the school.

On arrival at the school students will be provided with a complete orientation session, explaining Activities, Accommodation, Classes and academics and Rules and policies. Studnet swill have the oppportunity to ask questionsand will be assisted individually with any issues they may have.


After orientation students will be tested to assess their English language skills for proper placement.

The test consists of a short one-to-one oral test with a teacher followed by a computer based that will test for grammar, listening and reading.

After testing students will have time for lunch before going on their first activity.

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Program Fees

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